As a Documentary Family Photographer, it is one of passions to document the raw, and every day to day life that makes life so rich and so real. Capturing the moments that aren’t encapsulated in “the perfect portrait” makes me giddy: tantrums in the supermarket, crying because they fell off their bike that they’re learning to ride, fighting with their siblings, because… well, that’s life.. and those are the exact moments that I aim to capture throughout your session as a documentarian of your family.

I love to document families at any stage of life, and think it’s so important to take a step back and be in front of the camera, along with your kids, which we so often forget to do. Maternity sessions, Welcome Home Baby Sessions, Real Life Sessions, Graduation, Vacations, Milestones, or really anything you can think of to celebrate and document life, I love to capture.

All of the Sessions I offer are “Real Life” Documentary Sessions, some have a bit more structure than others. Below are the session types that I offer. Please contact me with more information about your session type, and I’d love to schedule a phone call to get to know you more and start connecting! Pricing begins at $650 for sessions. Milestone Event coverage (such as graduations, showers, etc) is also available, just let me know what you need!

A great way to capture just a sliver of your day, and yearly updates to your photos, where you can actually appear in them! Sliver of Life Sessions are 45 minutes long and are only offered locally, within 20 miles of Califon, NJ. They are generally held outdoors in a park, where we can let you guys be free, play, and run around, with minimal stopping to pose. These shorter sessions are also wonderful for Maternity sessions to have a moment to really stop and capture that pregnant belly, or individual portraits to capture a milestone in your life. 
These are the most popular, as they give you a chance to really get into your session, relax, and really be who you are. Lifestyle Sessions last up to 2 hours, with minimal posing, and mostly just placing you guys in different situations where you can be you and enjoy being together – a walk in your favorite park, a family ball game, or a cool location in town, these sessions are great to show the whole family together. They are also popular for “Welcome Home Baby” sessions, as an alternative to your usual posed newborn session, or portrait sessions where you’d like to have more variety and include more than just one individual.
OK, here’s where I get passionate and what I truly love! Unfiltered Sessions are completely unposed – absolutely no direction, just capturing your day to day life and celebrating the beauty in the mundane. They include up to 4 hours of coverage, but can be customized for additional time and/or travel. These sessions generally take place at home where you are most comfortable, and can include activities such as making breakfast together, bath/bed time routine, a simple trip to the grocery store or the mall. Another great use for these is capturing your Weekend Getaways or Vacation moments, because who really has time to pull out the camera when you’re having fun?!