First and foremost, I love connecting with clients – that’s why I chose to be in this wedding photography business. I love the fact that we can step away from the day to day, not just meet on the day of the wedding and shake hands and be done with it, but really to connect and create meaningful pictures that you will truly value once all is said and done.

I call my engagement sessions, Connection Sessions, because that’s what they really are – connecting in front of the camera, getting used to having me in your space and easing the anxiety associated with being in front of a camera, and connecting with your photographer, who you are entrusting with a very intimate and important task for your day. It’s one of my favorite ways of getting to know you guys.

I like to keep it simple – comfortable clothes, a stroll through your favorite park, getting lost in your own neighborhood and finding nooks you never knew were there, and bring your dogs if you have them- it really helps take the concentration off of being in pictures, plus what’s not to love about dogs in pictures! Or, if you’re willing to try out a new location I can show you around some beautiful spots in Hunterdon County where I’m based too! You might also consider an At-Home Connection session, where we can really delve deep into your own environment, and capture those memories where you are most comfortable. Connection sessions are available as an add on to your day’s coverage, or as a way to test out my style of photography and fall in love with your pictures before you book your wedding date, and I truly recommend them! Check out some of my favorite Connection Sessions below!