Hi. I am Carolina Rivera, and this is my crazy, lovely, and unique little family.







I am a fine art Documentary Photographer

.. but what does that mean?









..it means being able to capture emotions in a single frame.. the everyday.. embracing imperfections as perfections… the simple in between moments that make life worth savoring.. with your family, your loved ones… and being able to print those memories, frame them, hold them in a book, as unique and personal works of art in your own home… and be able to look back at the images whether today, tomorrow, or in 20 years, while holding the delicate hands of your grandchildren, and being able to emit those same exact feelings you felt at that exact moment in time… this is what being a Fine Art Documentary photographer means to me…






image by Shutter Starr Photography





I am a also a Mother & Wife, a  lover of animals, traveler, an adventure seeker, a country girl with a city-girl heart, a head-in-the-clouds creative, and most importantly a loyal friend.






image by Kirsten Lewis





Thanks for thinking of me to follow you along on your journey, to know you and your families, and to trust in me to capture those special “in-betweens” that make your lives so rich in emotion. I am honored that you are thinking of me in one of the most important decisions you can make for your wedding. I would love to play just a small part in your lives on your wedding day, being there not only as a photographer, but as a friend, a compassionate hand to hold, and a keen observer of the details that make your lives so unique. I will bring my unique vision of how I see the world, my years of photography study at the School of Visual Arts, and my constant commitment to learning and improving my photography, to your wedding.
















I remember going to my grandparents’ house when I was little, excited to delve into the treasures of photos that were in the boxes in the closet, and then rushing to them to tell me stories about the images. I could literally feel it. The story of their day. The emotions of being there. I am obsessed with this notion in photographs! Bringing you to feel something in an image. And being able to pass along that treasure to your kids and grandkids.

Have you ever really thought about the fact that your wedding images are going to be part of a treasured inheritance you leave to your family? Your memories as you felt them, translated to a visual medium. And that is more valuable than any money, or tangible possessions that you could leave behind.

What is it that you want to say to them about your life, and how do you want to say it? What do you want your images to look like, feel like?

Let’s chat about how we can capture that in your images…










As your photographer, I will hold your hands, wipe away your tears (of joy, hopefully), and make you feel as comfortable as possible so you can focus on living in the moment. The best pictures are the ones that are the most natural – the ones that are captured in-between poses. These are the memories we will create for you to cherish for years to come.

Just relax, enjoy the day, and be yourselves. I will take care of making amazing images of your day.










Beauty is in the Everyday, Simple moments.

the way I see life is in all of it’s imperfections, in all of the moments happening between moments, there is beauty. I strive to capture that essence of life in my images.

To create these images, my clients grant me their complete and utter trust to view their day the way I see it and connect with it.

I am inspired by the unknown – by beautiful light – by an unexpected interaction – by real life in all its rawness.

I see every situation as an opportunity to think outside of the box, experiment, and do what has not been done- put a unique, personal twist on your own unique story.

I am everywhere and I am no where at the same time.

I am ultimately the most inspired when I get to work with clients who can give me complete freedom of creativity and trust that the end result will be amazing in a way that they haven’t yet imagined.

no expectations – no lists – just art – and reality – meshing together




I would love to get to know you and your reality even better, and do the best job I possibly can, to bring art and life into your images so that you will always be able to look back at this day and remember how it felt to be there..

let’s connect and set up some time to chat!






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