Jill + Sandy


What happens when it rains on your outdoor wedding?… you get soaking wet!

As Jill was getting all dolled up for her wedding day, the view from her penthouse apartment in NYC was nothing but gray clouds… a damp, foggy day awaited us, and rain was on the forecast… and the NYC streets were crowded with cars (as the President happened to be in town)… but no worries from this cheerful and relaxed bride… she knew she was going to get married that day… and it would be in Central Park no matter what…. along with just a few of her closest friends and family… so while Sandy and the guests awaited the bride’s arrival at the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park, his bride was also anxiously awaiting their reunion… but sitting in NYC traffic on Madison Avenue, her fingers nervously bound to her unique Alexander McQueen clutch purse (I loved that detail!)… “just got off the phone with Sandy, they said not to worry, they’re having a dance party while they wait”, she said as she laughed… and 80 blocks later… we had made it…. as the bride stepped her feet onto the ground, in her beautifully jeweled Valentino shoes, the clouds started to give us a little present… just a slight bit of rain… so all huddled into a corner under a large Wisteria tree in the gardens, they said their vows… even as the rain started getting harder and harder, with multicolored umbrellas popping up all around them…. I can certainly tell you it was an adventure… and such a wonderful story that 2 people would love each other and theirĀ  families so much to want to have their intimate ceremony outdoors in the beauty of Central Park…. rain or shine… complete with the breaking of the glass at the very end…


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