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Q: What makes your work different from other photographers’ work?
Capturing emotions in an image is my number one top priority. It takes true emotions to really *make* a photograph. My goal is to capture the way you felt at a certain moment and relay that so that you feel the same way viewing your images. I really approach each wedding uniquely so it’s not just a cookie cutter wedding with the same shots over and over, through angles, creative uses of lighting and posing, and I also really approach wedding photography from a fine art approach, making sure each image is worthy of a work of art on your wall.

Q: Will we get the rights to all our photos after our wedding?
Yep! You’ll get the printing rights to your photos, so that you can print and share your photos yourself or order from your online gallery that I have set up for you.

Q: How many photos will we receive?

On average, about 50-100 photos per hour of coverage, which translates to usually about 500-1000 images for a full day.

Q: Do I have to order prints through you?
Once you receive your usb of images you are welcome to print for yourselves and your family and friends. I will even provide you with recommended consumer vendor. However, for extra special gifts, or prints for your home and walls, I highly recommend considering printing through me as I use professional quality vendors with higher grade materials, and have sifted through the industry to find only the best. The quality is certainly noticeable and you will have my guarantee on it. You can always order after the wedding anytime through the studio!

Q: My event is very small and intimate, we only need a few hours of coverage. Do you have hourly rates?
I love elopements and intimate weddings! Contact me and tell me about what it is you’re planning and we can chat about your options!

Q: How long have you been photographing weddings and what is your background?
I’ve been photographing since high school! I took my first darkroom photography course in high school, and fell in love! From there I went onto study photography at the School of Visual Arts, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography. While I’ve dabbled in many different types of photography (including fashion, editorial, self portraiture, street, and fine art) before I finally found my niche within documenting weddings and families, and decided that I just loved the reality and rawness in the nature of documenting real life. I have been capturing weddings full time since 2010.

Q: Can you hold our date?
Unfortunately due to the high demand and rapid nature of inquiries and bookings, I can not hold a date without a signed contract and retainer. However, once you’ve decided, and let me know, I will extend a courtesy one week hold on your date, to give you enough time to read through and return your contract to me.

Q: What is your pricing and how can we choose a package that fits what we need?
The best way to find out is to get in touch via the contact page, and I’ll get back to you with pricing information so that I can get to know you and your day a bit first and make any suggestions I think you might benefit from.

Q: How do we hire you?
Simple. Once you’ve decided on a collection that’s right for you, just let me know what collection you’re interested in and I’ll gather a bit of information I need from you and send you a contract. Once the signed contract (online) and $1000 retainer fee (by check) gets to me, I’ll officially be your wedding photographer.

Q: Do you retouch, enhance, or edit your photos?
All files received will be toned and perfected for print, as you see on my website, with a images converted to few black and white as I see fit.  I generally do not retouch photos to alter their appearance, because I shoot for moments and emotion – I believe in the beauty of imperfections and capturing you and the day just as it was, concentrating on emotions and expressions rather than appearances.

Q: Do you take special requests if we have particular shots we’d like?
Because I capture moments organically, and those moments need my full attention, I prefer not to work from pre-made lists. However, I do make sure to prepare ahead of time, by sending you a questionnaire prior to your wedding, so that you can relate to me who are the VIP’s at the wedding, the portraits that you would like captured, what you are looking forward to the most from your photos, and anything else you’d like for me to know about your wedding going into it.

Q: What happens if you get sick or have an emergency on the day of our wedding?
Luckily, I form part of a great, tight-knit group of photographers locally, as well as all around the country, who would gladly come to the rescue if any sort of emergency were to happen last minute. This is the great thing I love about our industry, the camaraderie, and willingness to help each other out, so that you will NOT be left without a photographer on your wedding day! Also, the majority of my packages come with a 2nd shooter, which is a huge bonus if something like these were to happen, so that there is no lapse in time of getting a last minute replacement.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?
I am a Nikon user! I carry 2 Nikon pro bodies (currently d750’s) on me at all times, and several prime lenses, 3 flashes, and a few other goodies, all fitting neatly into my backpack. I try to travel light so that I can concentrate on capturing moments as best as I can without the need to hassle with equipment and be as unobtrusive as possible. However I do make sure to always carry enough gear on me that if a back up situation were to occur, I’d be covered in a cynch!

Q: Do you release RAW files?
While I do shoot in RAW format to get the best quality – the images you receive are all toned and corrected as per my style of photography. I want you to receive the full experience from your images, and for that, they need to go through a tight selection process to ensure you are getting the best images, and those images are then processed. You will receive on your usb the final high resolution JPEG images, which you will be able to print as large as you want, RAW is not really needed for any purposes other than editing.

Q: Do you use a 2nd shooter?
The majority of my collections come with myself as your main photographer and a 2nd shooter. If your event is smaller or requires less coverage, you can choose to take them out, but it’s a great addition to have, to capture those alternate angles, and allowing for creativity from my shots, while still capturing important moments that are happening in other areas.

Q: Do you always use the same 2nd shooter?
I don’t always use the same person, however I do use generally a handful of the same people. The 2nd shooters I choose, are all professionals in the industry, and have their own businesses as well, so it’s not always guaranteed that I can use the same person. We love to help each other out, so it’s fun to bounce back and forth and 2nd for each other sometimes to get the creative juices flowing.

Q: Do you have insurance?
Yep! As a registered LLC in New Jersey, I own up to $1 million in liability insurance, plus insurance on my equipment. If your venue requests insurance information from it’s vendors, please let me know, and I will send it over to them.

Q: We want to get an album! How does it work from here?
Well there are a couple of ways to go about it! If you know exactly which images you’d like to include, or have a list of “must-haves”, just send them on over to me within a couple of weeks of receiving your online gallery (or ordering your album), and I will start on a design for you. Otherwise, if looking through your gallery and choosing just a few of your favorites seems overwhelming to you, I can design the album how I think would look best, with my own selection of favorites, laid out to tell the story of your day. Once it’s put together and online for proofing, we can go back and forth a couple of times to make sure those images are the ones that you absolutely love, or change them out for others. Many times with this method of “pre-designing” the album (where I will make it for you with my selections), I tend to get a little excited and go over the base page count, but don’t worry, you can always trim down from there if it’s too much! I’d rather you see the full picture first, and then cut down what you don’t absolutely love, then be wondering if it would have looked better with more images. Once designed, you’ll have 2 rounds of edits, and 3 months total to approve your album design for print.

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