Yuriko + NozomuNYC Elopement

When most of us think of a destination wedding, we think of places like Paris, Rome, Bali, Aruba.. a land full of romance, sunshine or beautiful historic architecture… but when you are from New York and you don’t realize what a beautiful and historic city this actually is, the city of New York, may not come to mind… until I got an email from a cute Japanese couple coming to get married in this very city, Yuriko + Nozomu… I was confused at first… I thought that maybe they lived here and were from Japan… I didn’t realize they were actually writing me all the way from Japan as they were planning their trip… why New York? when I learned more about their wedding details I learned that they would be making a special trip out to New York (and Nozomu’s very first time here) to be married by City Hall… just the both of them… (and me as their witness)… nobody else… in this great city… like 2 kids in a playground… and when I asked why they chose New York?… “because it’s an adventure, and different!” they said…. simple as that… how the city of New York can bond 2 people and from all cultures and parts of the world, amazes me…. especially as I watched so many people around us coming in and out of City Hall for the same reasons… all different cultures, but there for one reason only… love… I truly had a great time photographing Yuriko + Nozomu on their intimate wedding day, having fun around the city, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, and even getting to explore parts of the city that I myself had never been to (I had never actually been to the Brooklyn Bridge!)… I hope you enjoy this preview of the day…. a beautiful crisp October day… and safe travels back to Tokyo!


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