Amy + Darren


I got a call from Amy a little over a month ago… she was planning her wedding on her own, all within 3 months (already a skill in itself), along with a full time job as a commercial and editorial makeup artist, and it was taking place in just less than a month… already I felt there was a connection as we spoke on the phone and she “got” what I was all about and my vision in photographs… she booked me on the spot and over the phone…  maybe it’s a connection between artists, who knows, but I always love to work with and collaborate with other artists, especially on their own projects or special events, because there is just so much freedom to create and the trust that is needed to do so… so thank you for that 🙂

Now on to the wedding details! Another rainy day, part of the rainiest few weekends I have ever felt!, but again, what a positive and care-free attitude can do to a wedding is amazing… it’s your wedding day… you go with the flow.. and you get married, rain or shine, it will be just perfect and the way it was intended to be… so Amy and Darren got married at the River House in Brielle, NJ, and what would have been an outdoor ceremony got switched to a beautifully skylit indoor room where all family and friends were present… and as the ringbearer walked down the isle with a stuffed animal fish in his hand carrying the rings in it’s mouth (Darren is an avid fisher – a detail Amy wanted to make sure to incorporate), I knew this would be a fun crowd to work with! And after a night full of dancing, the rain subsided to a slight mist, and we ended the night with some beautiful portraits under the evening sky…

Also special thanks to my wonderful assistant and 2nd photographer Brandi Grooms for some great work and keeping me on my toes!


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